We are making changes to the pre-registration process in order to speed things up the morning of the show:


  • Anyone registering on-line will agree to the terms and conditions and fill out the registration survey section on-line - no paperwork at the show!
  • Anyone registering by mail will be encouraged to mail-in their pre-registration form with the registration form so their paperwork will be complete - no forms at the show!
  • For walk-in registration, print and complete your forms and bring with you!.

Day of the Show

  • The pre-registration line will be greatly expanded to process more people at once. You will just need to show your ID (unless you have not filled out your registration on-line or sent in your pre-registration form with your mail-in registration), get your badge, wristband, and any other items ordered, and you're ready to go!
  • The pre-registration line will be opening earlier on Saturday (9 am or earlier) so you can pick up your badge and wristband before the crowds. Then,  just show up at 10:00 to get in!  We stongly suggest you pick up your badge and wristband well before 10:00 to avoid any waiting to get into the show.

Changes for Exhibitors, Volunteers and Vendors

  • For exhibitors, volunteers, and vendors, we will have your badges ready on Friday night so you don't have to wait in line the morning of the show.

Our goal? No one waits more than 15 minutes to get in.

If you have any suggestions, please let us know at We want to make the show experience as pleasant as possible.