2021 Game Tournaments



of 10/12/21)


If you've never played in a pinball tournament before, but your initials are on the scoreboard for your local pinball paradise, or you've been "this-close" to
cracking the top 4 of the machine your local camper plays until the flippers fall off. Well, here's your chance to compete with others to place your initials on our tournament machines. Even if you've played in a tournament before, you'll be in for a surprise with our lineup of machines
from around California Bay Area's leagues and venues.


Quick run-down:


Sat, 10/16 from
10am (with pre-registration to CAX) to 1am


Best game
qualifying, top 24 make the playoffs in the A-Division, and the top 8 in the
B-Division standings (IFPA ranking above 1,000 qualify for B-Division’s


·         Scoring

o   Best 8 games on
different machines, out of 15 possible machines, are used to determine your
overall standings

o   1 entry = 1 game on
a machine

o   Entries are capped
at 24 entries

o   Players with an
IFPA ranking below 1,000 are limited to qualifying for the A-Division playoffs

o   IFPA ranking above
1,000 can qualify for A-Division or B-Division playoffs (if the player
qualifies for A-Division playoffs, that player has to play in, A)

·         Pricing: See Pay
Scale Table


Sun, 10/17


Playoffs will be a
group elimination bracket:

·         Top seed receives
“choice” of machine to be played, or the order of play

o   More details below

·         Scoring 7/5/3/1

·         Tie-breakers: see


A-Division Playoffs
start at 10am:

·         Top 24

·         Top 8 receive a
bye; they enter the playoffs at round 2 (at 12:30pm)

·         4 matches per group

·         Top 2 from each
group advances


Playoffs start at 12pm:

·         Restricted to
players with an IFPA ranking above 1,000

·         Top 8

·         3 matches per group


Game List (*not
sure which 3 of the 4 will appear):


Alien Star

Attack From Mars



Godzilla (Sega)


Judge Dredd

NBA Fastbreak



*Star Trek Pro

Star Wars Pro

Tales of The
Arabian Nights

Terminator 2







Best Game


Qualifying begins
on Saturday, 10/16/21 at 10:00am (for those that pre-registered for California
Extreme '21) and 11am for the rest of CAX '21


CAX's GC RuN is a
"best game" pinball tournament format. In this format players
play a single-player game in the tournament area. Their "best game"
is compared against the best game of the other tournament participants, and
they are awarded points based on how well their best game ranks. All of the
players' best game rankings on different machines are tallied to determine
their overall standings to establish the top 24 players for A-Division
playoffs, and 8 players for B-Division playoffs. Standings update throughout
the day and are only finalized after qualifying ends at 1am on Sunday.



Qualifying ends on Sunday, 10/17/21 at 1:00am

15hrs of qualifying

Scoring 100/90/85/84/83...

The total number of machines to choose from is 15

The total number of games on different machines
that count towards the player's overall standings is 8

If you play two games on one machine, only your
best game will award you points for that machine

The player decides which machines to play

This format utilizes a queuing system to
determine when it’s your turn to play your game

Tickets for California Extreme are
 to play in the tournament.


Best-Game Queueing:


·         Players will be
placed in a queue to play their turn on the machine they selected

o   You can place
yourself into a game’s queue

o   You can ask a
scorekeeper to add you; they have the ability to add you to a queue before or
immediately after you play

·         Players cannot
que-up on multiple machines at once

·         The queue
identifies when it's the player's turn

·         When you are player
#2 in the queue, make sure you are near the game to hear your name being
called, or:

o   You have 2 min to
begin your game from the moment your name is called

o   If the queue has
more than 5 people, you will only have 1 min to begin your game

o   If you miss your
name being called, you will be placed into the queue as player #2.

§ Miss your name 3 times in a row, you will be
removed from the queue (you retain your entry)




·         Meaningful
tiebreakers are determined by scores earned on subsequent games: i.e. overall
score is tied after the players’ best 8 games on different machines, then we’ll
look at game number 9, then 10, 11, etc. to break the tie



Pay Scale Table
(info on entries)




Ranking greater than 1,000

One-Time Tournament
Registration Entry

·         12 entries for $30

·         18 entries for $35

·         24 entries for $40


Additional Buy-In

·         6 entries for $10


Ranking less than 1,000

One-Time Tournament
Registration Entry

·         8 entries for $30

·         16 entries for $45

·         24 entries for $60


Additional Buy-In

·         4 entries for $10


Applies to

·         Entries must be
purchased to play a tournament game

·         Total entries will
be capped at 24

·         NO REFUNDS FOR

·         IT IS UP TO YOU TO
MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT BUYING MORE THAN 24 ENTRIES – we will monitor, but if you
buy more than 24 entries, those will be considered unused entries, and any
additional games played beyond 24 will be voided





·         A-Division:

o   Sun, 10/17 starting
at 10am (check-in begins at this time)

o   Open to all IFPA

o   Group elimination
bracket is determined by the top 24 standings from the qualifying round.

§  Higher seeds play lower seeds

§  4 matches per group

§  Top 2 from each group advances

§  Scoring 7/5/3/1

§  Top 8 players receive a bye

§  In the 1st round players seeded 9-24 are grouped

§  In the 2nd round the top 8 players join the
winners of round 1


o   2nd round
to start at 12:30pm (top 8 should arrive by 12:15pm to check-in)

o   30-minute break
before final 4 play

o   There will be a
different set of games available to choose from during different rounds:

§  1st and 2nd rounds:
7 games

§  Semifinals and Finals: 6 games (top 2 seeds in
the semifinals pick 2 games from the B-division bank to make up the 6 available


·         B-Division:

o   Sun, 10/17 starting
at 11:30am (check-in by 11:15am)

o   Limited to players
with an IFPA ranking greater than 1,000

o   Group elimination
bracket is determined by the top 8 in qualifying for B-Division

§  Higher seeds play lower seeds

§  3 matches per group

§  Top 2 from each group advances

§  Scoring 7/5/3/1

§  4 games will be
available for selection


·         For both A and

o   Top seed receives
“choice” of machine to be played, or the order of play

o   Top seed’s group
for the entire round gets choice before the subsequent groups

§  If order of play is selected by the top player of
the group, the remaining players may choose their order, in descending order of
seeding. Then choice of machine goes to the next highest-seeded player in the

§  If machine is selected by the top player in the
group, then the next highest-seeded player chooses their order of play,
followed by the remaining players in descending seeding-order in the group,
with the top player receiving the remaining player order.

§  After group 1 is done selecting their machine,
group 2 can pick, and so on

o   No game can be
re-selected by the same player in the same round

o   30 seconds of
practice time on any machine that wasn’t part of qualifying prior to the game
being played, but practice order must be the same as playing order

§  Before practice can begin, you must have player
order determined

§  This will only come into play if we have to pull
a game from the floor

o   The games that are
available for selection during playoffs will be decided by your play during
qualifying on Sat. After calculations are determined, we’ll have the list of
games decided by 9am Sunday morning.


Pre-register for


·         Use your real name
while registering

·         Enter your IFPA
number while registering

o   Make every effort
to include your IFPA number

§  Look yourself up here:

·         https://www.ifpapinball.com/players/find.php

o   If you don’t have
an IFPA number, please enter “123456”


·         https://www.neverdrains.com/cax2021/playerIndex.php?disp=preReg




apply, except where noted:


·         Ball savers will be
off or reduced to the lowest time available (i.e. AFM would be set to 3 sec)

·         Additional
adjustments may be made, but they will be listed on the backglass of the

·         Extra balls (EB)
will be turned off (when available)

·         If EB is awarded,
player can set up their skill shot before the plunge, but must remove their
hand from the machine after the plunge

video modes, or selections can be made after the plunge during an EB