See the article in the recent issue of PinGame Journal by Mark Birsching (reprinted by permission from PinGame Journal Issue #132). 


"CAX is arcade heaven on the west coast, I highly recommend making the trek, you will not be disappointed." - Full Throttle (Karl Last)


"Coolest fxxxin arcade ever!" - Eugene Jarvis


"CAX is a great idea and fun to attend." - Steve Ritchie


"I was having a really crappy summer, and then I found out I was going to California Extreme ... it's better than Disneyland!" - Thomas Peter  


"Basically, if you're in the Bay Area, and you love arcade/pinball machines, you can't miss this show - it simply isn't allowed." - GameSetWatch


"I just want to thank you for all the hard that you do to put this together every year. This will be my fourth year attending and it just seems to get better every year. I can't tell you how great it is to see and play all the great machines that people bring in every year." - Tom Dion


"I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoyed your event this year. It was well worth the 7,000 miles I traveled to be there; I'll definitely be back next year." - Brian from Hoboken


"Thank you guys so much for all you efforts! I don't think you get much credit for all the hard work that goes into your show.  Really, this is what I look forward to most all year!" - Sam Kurde


Spending an entire weekend in an arcade full of classic games set on freeplay has to be the dream of anyone who was a teenager in the 80's.

This dream comes alive for me every year at California Extreme - Jeff Kulczycki


CA Extreme is a fun event and one of my favorite shows!  The best place for any arcade enthusiast to spend the weekend! - Rob Welkner from COIN-OP TV (www.coin-op.tv


"California Extreme Channels a Simpler Time"

"For a moment, this is gaming as it ought to be: A physical multiplayer matchmaking service where your interface protocol is a handshake or a head nod, where the flame wars are courteous conversations about which version of Galaga is superior and the resolution is, “Heck with it, they’re all good, let’s go grab some ice cream.” It is in the span of this weekend that the guy who always had the top score on the Donkey Kong cocktail cabinet at the local pizza parlor will experience DDR and a young man folds up his Nintendo DS so he can take a turn at Zaxxon. For only two days, the year is 1982, we are all 14 and arcades aren’t dead, they’re only hibernating. Look, here they are, just where we left them. And see?

"They’re all set to Free Play." - Paul Hamilton - full article here


"Hello, My name is Kristian and have been attending CA Ex for the past three years now. I live just south of San Jose in Monterey so the drive is very easy. Last year by far was the best year yet. This was due to the great film festival you showed. I stayed for all three films you had and loved each one of them. I hope their will be another film showing this year! You guys/gals are doing a great job and thanx so much for all the hard work you put in to make the event so successful.

"ps. i also love the 80's music you play over the loud speakers during the show. as I walk in it feels like I have been transported back to my childhood arcade. Walking around, listening to music, seeing all the folks and video games. what a GREAT experience. Thanx." - Kristian Crump


"The California Extreme, the world's greatest arcade event featuring more than 400 coin-operated arcade games set on free play."

"At left is poster #100, commissioned by Billy Mitchell to celebrate this important event." - Twin Galaxies - full article here


"(Another show) is priced lower for reason... CAX makes (it) look like a tiny ant." - My Two Cents


"California Extreme, the arcade-lover's show" - game girl advance

See the article in the recent issue of PinGame Journal by Mark Birsching (reprinted by permission from PinGame Journal Issue #126).


2001 Metro Article - Todd Inoue