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General Show Information / Re: What are people doing for the show?
« Last post by ts4z on July 31, 2020, 08:48:48 pm »
I made a couple crossword puzzles in honor of CAX. These are my first efforts -- I know some of the clues suck.
General Show Information / Re: Tip Jar Door Prizes!!
« Last post by Ken Chaney on July 31, 2020, 07:25:47 pm »
We have a few bumper stickers from the early shows that we're putting up for thank-you's to random Tip Jar contributors.
General Show Information / Re: What are people doing for the show?
« Last post by jkoolpe on July 31, 2020, 07:22:20 pm »
My games were so sad to not be able to take their annual trip out of my garage to be enjoyed at the show.

But here are just some fun pics anyway.

Note: See if you can spot what's not quite right with one of the uprights in last picture.

General Show Information / Official CAX 2020 T-Shirts & Badges!
« Last post by Jeff Kinder on July 31, 2020, 06:17:11 pm »
CAX 2020 Online T-shirts and badges are available for ordering. See the designs and ordering instructions below.  Deadline for ordering is August 16, 2020.   Please expect a minimum of 6-8 weeks after the deadline for delivery.

**We will send out confirmation e-mails by August 17th- contact us at if you don't get an e-mail by then.**

The CAX 2020 t-shirt is available on 2 different t-shirt colors (black and white)

Sizes available are:

Youth - Small, Medium, Large and XLarge
Ladies - Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3X Large and 4X Large
Mens - Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, 2XLarge, 3XLarge and 4XLarge
Mens Tall - XLarge Tall, 2XLarge Tall and 3XLarge Tall
The above t-shirts are available for $20 for sizes small - XL and $25 for 2XL to 4XL and for all men's tall sizes. Shipping costs $5 per shirt and will be added to the total as well as sales tax for California residents.   


The official show badge has 2 sides with a space for your name on one side:

The cost for these is $4.45 plus $0.55 shipping (plus sales tax for California residents).

Please make sure to let us know what name(s) should go on the badge(s).


Click here to order t-shirts and badges on-line. The form will automatically take you to PayPal when you submit. ** If you would rather pay by check, please submit the form, then cancel out of PayPal, and then send a check for the amount on the form to:

California Extreme
13436 Pastel Lane
Mountain View, CA 94040.

Remember, the deadline for ordering is August 16, 2020!
General Pinball / Test
« Last post by Jeff Kinder on July 31, 2020, 02:57:24 pm »
This is a test
General Show Information / CAX 2020 Online Show Schedule!!
« Last post by Mark Birsching on July 31, 2020, 12:05:16 pm »

We'll stream a series of talks at so go there now and click on that little heart-Follow thing so you can get connected for the August 1 streams.  Many of the speakers will in the CHAT during the Twitch streams to field live questions then and there.

We wish to thank Zen Studios for stepping in to make this possible by volunteering production for these sessions!  Here is the schedule!!

10:00 AM
Introduction / Welcome

10:05 AM
Stern Pinball - Stranger Things
Brian Eddy and Mike Vinikour
The making of the Stranger Things pinball machine will be the main topic, but questions about other Stern Pinball related topics are welcome.

11:00 AM
Jack Danger
Jack Danger gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his journey to create an original pinball machine FROM SCRATCH with little knowledge on how to do so!
As the eccentric host of the award winning Twitch show “Dead Flip”, Jack Danger primarily focuses on pinball, game reveals, and helping people improve their skills in the hobby!

11:15 AM
Artist Steve Thomas
Steve has done a lot of incredible art including a set of arcade themed propaganda style posters and this year's CA Extreme shirt.
Take a look:
He'll discuss his motivations and process, and may even create something new along the way.
He will take you through an arcade-inspired propaganda-style poster from completed sketch to final image working on the computer in Illustrator and Photoshop, and hopefully share some tips and tricks that others may not have considered when designing digitally.
The result of that effort is available here:

11:30 AM
Zen Studios
Mel Kirk
Zen Studios has been innovating for the modern arcade fan and has a few things to reveal!

11:50 AM - Arcade 1 UP

12:00 PM
Tempest / I, Robot / Major Havoc
Jonathan Koolpe, Dave Jury, and Jess Askey
- Mastering the Classics:   Join classic video game arcade enthusiasts Jonathan Koolpe and Dave Jury as they show how to master (or at least last longer) on two classic Atari video games:  Tempest and I, Robot.  These are two very challenging and fast-paced games, but Jonathan and Dave took it upon themselves to master each and are glad to share their experiences and techniques for playing each game through to some of the highest levels.  Segment will include game play demonstrations and question and answer sessions.

-Major Havoc - The PROMISED END:  In the works for over 3 years, the Major Havoc - THE PROMISED END project is now dangerously close to completion!  The team behind this amazing project is honored to share the current status for the project.  Learn about what this game is and why this update is so cool (and very much sanctioned with input by the game's original programmer, Owen Rubin), who all is making it happen along with detailed updates on the current progress and release plans (including demonstrations of the updated levels and the actual PROMISED END on a dedicated and original Major Havoc upright video game). This is a game that can be played on both HBMAME and on an original Modified Major Havoc PCB, so come learn a bit and get excited for THE PROMISED END!

1:00 PM
Marco Pinball presents: Buying Your First Pinball Machine
Presenters: Tim Showalter, TJ Beyer, Kyle Spiteri all skilled pinball aficionados
Moderator: Imoto Harney, Marco Pinball

Join Tim, TJ, and Kyle as they teach us "almost" everything you need to know about buying and owning your first pinball machine!

2:30 PM
maimai showcase
Charlie Moseley and the crew crew who brought you maimai (lovingly known as the washing machine game) to CAX last year is back at it again!  Join us to watch an introduction to one of the most unique rhythm games from Japan and then follow into a showcase of high level and meme play to both laugh and impress!

3:30 PM
Josh Tsui
Josh Tsui, film director and game developer will preview two segments from his documentary feature, Insert Coin.

First segment covers the return of Eugene Jarvis to Williams Electronics, post videogame crash. He unleashes a game called NARC which ushers in the coming 90s era of arcade games.

The second segment discusses how Williams Electronics became Midway Games and the chaos from those times as two rival companies become one.

4:00 PM
NES Hacking
John Riggs
John Riggs of Rigg'd Games rebuilds, restores, and reworks classic NES games. He'll be offering a primer on NES hacking during CAX 2020, so if you've ever wanted to dig into a classic cartridge and customize the code, this one's for you!

5:00 PM
Stephen Kleckner will host a Street Fighter Tournament

5:20 PM
Pinball Tips and Tricks
Andrei Massenkoff, Leslie Ruckman, and Eric Wagensonne
San Francisco pinball experts ranked in the 99th percentile of the IFPA World Pinball Player Rankings will answer questions and discuss game strategies to help you improve your play, score more, and have more fun playing pinball. In the chat, Leslie Ruckman, fresh off her 3rd-place finish in the IFPA Women's World Championships in March, will be answering your questions live!

6:00 PM
Following the speakers, we'll have an online party.

We'll kick it off with some arcade Quiplash hosted by Dan Amrich.

Then, pull on your Plimsolls, Martins, or Off the Walls and we'll have some music from:
Extra Lives
The Surfle Jerks
Sergio & The Holigrams

General Show Information / Tip Jar Door Prizes!!
« Last post by Jeff Kinder on July 31, 2020, 04:14:19 am »
Hello Everyone!!

We have set up an official "Tip Jar" (link below).  Your tips will help California Extreme keep going!!  Also, you will be entered into a random drawing where you could win one of the thank you prizes available.  Here is the list of the thank you prizes you could potentially win:

Art of Atari book by Tim Lapetino in Hardcover (donated from Jack Gordean)

Midway Gaming Box by The Coop (donated from Jack Gordean)

Grateful Dead Pinball Wall tapestry (donated from Jack Gordean)

Marco Wizard T-shirts and keychains (donated from Marco Specialties)

Game themed Poker Chips (donated from Jax Makes Things)

Captain's Swag Bag (donated from Captain's Auction Warehouse)

$75 PinSound giftcard (donated from PinSound)

"Portrait of Pinball" Limited Edition 2020 Fine Art Print (14"x20", signed and numbered by the artist) (donated from The Flipper Room)

Dirty Donny TFR Blacklight print, Limited Edition 2018 Fine Art Print (18"x24", signed and numbered by the artist) (donated from The Flipper Room)

Woman's Dirty Donny TFR T-shirt (Large) (donated from The Flipper Room)

$20 Gift Card for Switch (from the Retro Game Guys)

Etched glass (from Moto's Glass) - your choice of 1,300 different designs See examples here

Stern translites (from Stern Pinball)

Arcade Propaganda posters (set of 5) (from Steve Thomas Art)

Official California Extreme 2020 Poster (from Pashur Illustration)
General Show Information / Re: What are people doing for the show?
« Last post by Jude on July 30, 2020, 11:08:08 am »
How about six Atari 2600s all controlled from the same Twitch Chat? This started with a shelf of 6 CRT TVs that I found on the side of the road (for tube swaps!) plus a pile of old Atari consoles that were gathering dust.  Toss in a webcam and an Arduino microcontroller and you get "Twitch Plays 2600".  It will be running here for the show:
General Show Information / What are people doing for the show?
« Last post by Ken Chaney on July 30, 2020, 01:44:00 am »
Here is a thread for people who have something to exhibit or share for the 2020 online show.

"Ken and TJ" have a pair of games that have been exhibited at every CA Extreme.  They are the first game we bought together:  Targ, and the Atari prototype Freeze.
If you are a patron at our LVL Up location in Campbell and need to go inside to use the restroom, say "hi" to them, they're hanging out near there.
If not, you can watch them at and see what gameplay is like and hear the Freeze attract sounds.
Thanks to Dookie for getting that working.

We have a few bumper stickers from the early shows that we're putting up for thank-you's to random Tip Jar contributors.

And Stern Pinball has provided some translights for thank-you's, too.

It's not perfect, but we wanted to let you try it anyway.
We've set up a Capcom Kingpin pinball machine on Surrogate.TV for you to try.  It can be found at
and you can try the Batman 66 and Octoberfest pins they have in Finland which you'll find at
WARNING:  IT ISN'T PERFECT!!!!!!  (6 exclamation marks - really - so don't expect perfection.)
The whole technology is pretty new and there are a lot of inherent lags in the way it is set up, so expect round-trip lag to be on the order of half a second even if you are in California.  Adjust your play, there are techniques to manage it, but don't plan on scoring in the billions.  Yet, once you adjust a little it is oddly compelling to some of us.  Just the notion of playing a real pinball remotely has some appeal.
Also because everything is still rapidly developing, some elements don't work for everyone.  On one computer when I play, I get no picture or sound, while on another machine they work fine.  Sorry about that to those experiencing "Tommy" mode!
Give it a try if you like.  Being in development there are lots of interesting improvements to be made.  The team at Surrogate.TV have been great to work with and we (Ken & TJ) really want to express our thanks to them for this opportunity to figure out how to make an older machine work when you can't touch it.  If you are interested in helping out (after CAX) you can join their Discord and figure out how to improve things with them.

General Show Information / Re: CAX 2020 Vendor List
« Last post by Ken Chaney on July 30, 2020, 01:34:04 am »
Artist Jamie Lange will be streaming at Twitch from about 1-2 PM Saturday
Come on over to my channel while I doodle and draw video game themed charters and the like.
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