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Pong Arcade Game Value?
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:59:30 pm »
We have an old Atari Pong standup arcade game that we're probably going to sell, but have no idea what it's worth. The game has been in my family since the late 70's, and has been stored since the mid-80's.

Model VPI
Serial #HH-030

There are two known issues:

1) At some point, the game was modified with an on/off toggle switch and a reset button that allows games to be played w/o dropping a quarter in the slot. The wiring for each can easily be removed, but the front metal panel was drilled out to accomodate both.
2) The game does not work. I can tell you that it was working fine the last time it was plugged in (mid 80's) - it did not burn out or blow up or anything like that - but after being stored for 25+ years, it doesn't power on. I'm guessing oxidation on the board or maybe transporting it loosened some wiring.

The cabinet is in pretty good shape.

Any idea what it's worth?

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