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For Sale: Armed and Gelatinous 4P (2018)
« on: July 08, 2019, 07:18:33 am »
This is a very special offer for CAX 2019 only! This is the very first unit built for Armed and Gelatinous, aptly named ACE after the P1 blob. As of writing, there are only 5 units in existence and there's currently no telling how many more units will be produced. The cabinet itself is a modified Konami 4P design and all panels were cut out by hand using plywood templates as opposed to CNC. This is not true of the other 4 units, only unit 1. The entire build process was carefully documented and photos can be seen on Instagram via @three_flip.  :D

The game features three modes: Battle, Soccer, and Blitz. There is a robust operator menu with a plethora of features to set different win conditions, attract mode volume, and even a happy hour setting. There are a number of easter eggs as well so be sure to ask the developers, Rob and Anthony, at the show!

As this is a very special unit, the cabinet will be sold at best offer provided the best offer surpasses our threshold. A nameplate with the ID number and model name will be fastened to the cabinet on the show floor. As a secondary option, we have parts in stock for a few more units should you prefer a freshie.

Kindly make offers at the show after you've seen the game in action. We do not expect most people to have heard of Armed and Gelatinous but we can promise that you'll love it. :)

(please be advised that this unit has been in use on the floor at Button Mash LA, Emporium SF, and Ground Kontrol PDX over a period of ~9 months

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