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Exa Arcadia Impressions (Debuted CAX 2018)
« on: June 20, 2019, 09:06:20 am »
Last year, Exa Arcadia has debuted their upcoming titles in CAX 2018, and there were 7 games playable, with each game being on a cabinet, some 1p and other 2p.

For those who do not know, Exa Arcadia bills itself as a successor to Neo Geo as it can store up to 4 game cartridges, plus with new modern features like optional internet connection, integrated ads, and more. The big selling point is that all games made for the arcade must have exclusive content or noticeable differences not available for home or mobile entries.

Official website:

The titles demonstrated in CAX 2018:

Aka & Blue Type R (1P)
Super Hydorah AC (2P)
Strania EX (2P)
Infinos EXA (1P)
Cosmic Digger (2P) - Full game release should support up to 4 players
Valkyrus EXA (1P) - Title now Changed to Akyrios EXA
Kung Fu Vs Karate Champs (2P)

We have yet to know the release date for the upcoming arcade platform. Exa Arcadia has a twitter account for updates:

When I attended the Exa Arcadia booth last year, I am impressed that several games were well-tuned to harder settings with changes that warrant to be distinct form the home counterparts. Feedback seems to be positive from those who attended the presentation about Fall of Japanese Arcade and Rise of Exa Arcadia. I do hope they make an appearance for some CAX events for new announcements and play-tests.

As a small bonus, they also showcased the unreleased prototype of Sega Sonic Bros, a color match game that you clear by filling an area with same color.
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